A Third Perspective Consulting Services offers a number of solutions to suit your business needs.  These services are grouped in to four main areas.

Business Needs Analysis

The most important elements which must be known for any type of successful solution to be delivered are knowledge and understanding. A knowledge of how a client's business operates, and an understanding of a client's business needs.

A Third Perspective develops this knowledge and understanding by:

  • Engaging clients and stakeholders using different methodology to effectively elicit the business needs and requirements;
  • Analyzing your company business objectives and its current operations (for example: operational policies, procedures, systems, web sites, etc.) so that a full picture of how your business operates can be developed;
  • Applying this holistic, cross-functional assessment of your business to determine if any gaps exist and what areas can be improved to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business in meeting its current and long term objectives.

Business Process Improvement

Do you have an existing product or service you want to improve? Are you wondering if there is a way you can manage your business more efficiently and effectively?

Business process improvement is a necessary, never ending pursuit in either finding ways to do new things, or finding new ways to do old things better.

A Third Perspective specializes in developing customized solutions to improve business operations that are developed in collaboration with the client with the added goal of making them as adaptable so they can grow with your business over time. Some examples of optimizing business processes include:

  • Developing a company web site to market your business, attract new clients, or allow existing clients to interact in new ways with your business;
  • Introducing hardware or software solutions like better e-mail, contact and time management solutions to allow you to be more efficient in managing your clients and your time;
  • Reviewing existing workflows to determine if steps could be done differently to accomplish the same task with less time and effort;
  • Developing your corporate identify products to communicate a more professional look for your business.

No matter which type of improvement solution is implemented, E&E Solutions will ensure a standard, consistent, integrated and accurate approach along with change management and training solutions to ensure a successful implementation.

Change Management

Are you looking to successfully implement a new product, service, policy or procedure?

A key element in ensuring the successful implementation of a new solution is managing the impact of change on users from a previous state to a new state.

A Third Perspective helps ensure the successful implementation of new solutions by educating users openly and honestly as to the rationale for change, its impact, its benefits, and its limitations if there are any. In addition, through training and ongoing engagement with users, the new solution can be continuously improved based on their feedback which not only increases the usability of the solution, but also facilitates client satisfaction as users know their input is respected and being responded to.

Desktop Publishing and Design

Do you need a business card, paper form, online form, pamphlet, brochure, corporate letter head, or maybe an annual report?

While the focus of many communication efforts today are electronic and online, there are still many instances when existing and potential clients will benefit from a hard copy product.

A Third Perspective provides a number of design related services including:

  • Designing clean, simple, effective designs and layouts;
  • Providing desktop publishing services by laying out text and materials, and using pre-existing designs and graphic files if required;
  • Preparing documents and materials for online distribution, printing in-house on an office printer, or preparing files for a commercial printer.

Hardware and Software Technical Support

Do you feel confused or frustrated with your computer, software, tablet or cell phone? Are you looking at buying a new piece of equipment but aren't sure what to get?

Technology can provide many benefits in allowing things to get done faster, better, and even cheaper. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of technology will allow you to maximize those benefits and reduce the frustrations when technology just seems to want to disagree with you.

A Third Perspective provides a number of technical support related services including:

  • Reviewing existing hardware and software against business requirements to determine if incorporating new technological solutions can increase efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Managing the deployment of new hardware and software solutions by overseeing their development and implementation, including providing training on the new hardware/software to clients;
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues on both desktop and mobile platforms while educating clients so they can resolve future issues on their own if desired;
  • Supported computer software includes Windows (all versions including Windows 10); Macintosh; Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver), and many others.
  • Supported mobile platforms include Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows.

Information Management

Do you have files or information that have been piling up and you aren't sure of the best way to organize them? Do you have filing system and you still can't seem to find what you are looking for when you need it?

Developing an efficient and effective system to organize and manage your information can make it easier to find and maintain allowing it to be more useful in meeting your business needs.

A Third Perspective provides a number of information management services, including:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis to determine your current filing system and long term business needs;
  • Developing filing systems for both hard (paper) and soft (electronic) files including such items such as emails, photos, financial information;
  • Using different technological solutions (metadata or keywords) to make information retrieval more accessible;
  • Training clients on how their filing system works so they can maintain it on their own.

Liaison between Technical Service Providers and Users

Do you have an upcoming technology related project? Do you get the sense that you don't speak the same language as an 'IT' person or you feel you aren't on the same page?

A full understanding between a technical service provider and the client (or end-user) is an essential component to ensuring the successful delivery of an IT related product or service and a lack of understanding by either party is often the main reason why products or services fail to meet the needs of the client.

A Third Perspective has years of experience in hardware and software support in addition to managing various technical projects including web site design and management; database design and management; IT policy and procedure development; and information management. This allows A Third Perspective to leverage that experience to effectively understand and translate a client or end-user needs into terms a technical service provider can understand, while in turn translating technical requirements into terms a non-technical end-user can understand.


Do you need an event photographed or maybe a custom photo for your web site or promotional brochure?

Photos are not only an easy and effective way to improve the design and impact of a web site or a printed pamphlet, they can also provide a real visual example of a product or service for your prospective clients.

A Third Perspective can provide custom photography as well as simple photo manipulation services. A portfolio of predominantly travel and landscape photography can be found on the following web site.

Policy and Procedure Development

Do you have a lot of informal policies and procedures that have never been written down? Do you have policies and procedures that your staff or clients find hard to follow or understand?

Clearly written policies and procedures not only help to clarify your businesses role and obligations to staff and clients, they can facilitate training, improve staff and client satisfaction, and make your business operate more efficiently and effectively.

A Third Perspective can help develop your businesses policies and procedures by analyzing any existing formal or informal policies and procedures and use that information to write simple and clear policies and procedures that communicate the intended message in ways staff and clients and can understand.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

Have ever had an urgent issue pop up that needs solving right away? Have you ever implemented a solution to a problem only to find the solution didn't resolve all the underlining issues?

Effective problem solving and troubleshooting is an skill that requires a complete, accurate, and timely response to both resolve the issue and ensure that the issue does not happen again.

A Third Perspective specializes in troubleshooting and solving cross-functional problems by:

  • Analyzing problems from multiple perspectives (organizational, policy, procedural, systems, client) to ensure the source of problem is fully understood and ensure that the solution developed resolved all those sources;
  • Bringing a wide array of cross-functional experience in different fields (communications, IT, client service, managerial, opertional) to help develop a complete solution faster;
  • Adopting a results oriented approach and resolving the problem as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible;
  • Ensuring problems impacting clients are resolved from the perspective of the client to increase client satisfaction.

Project Management

Do you have a large project or that needs to be completed and you aren't quite sure how to see it to completion?

In its simplest form, project management outlines key steps that, when followed, help ensure the successful implementation of a project's objective.

A Third Perspective helps leverage 16 years of experience managing various types and sizes of projects by prioritizing on the key elements of project management which can be used for any type of project to help ensure that all objectives are achieved. This can help limit potential gaps or oversights and ensure lasting and adaptable results.

Systems Assessment

Wondering if your computer, software, tablet, or even your cell phone is fully meeting your business needs?

Technology can be complicated, frustrating, and changes constantly so it is essential that whatever solution you choose meets your needs and allows you to grow over time.

A Third Perspective will analyze your existing technical infrastructure against your current and long term business needs to determine if a change in hardware or software is required. In addition, A Third Perspective can support the implementation of new hardware and software by training clients and users so they can become self-sufficient.

Web Site Development and Management

Do you need a web site for your business? Are you looking for a redesign to your businesses existing web site? Or maybe you just need to maintain your existing web site with regular updates?

The internet is the primary method for your business to market its services to potential and existing clients.

A Third Perspective provides a number of web site related services including:

  • Analyzing your existing web site (if any) against your long term business needs, identify any gaps, and develop online solutions to ensure those long term needs are met;
  • Developing clear, simple and usable information architecture (essentially the organization, structure, and navigation of your web site content), web site designs and web page layouts;
  • Writing simple and informative web page content as needed to address gaps in your web site;
  • Managing regular updates to web sites using HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), content management software, and online services.


Do you have a web site that is a little lite on content, a pamphlet or business form that needs to be written, or maybe you know what you want to say but not the best way to say it?

Effective communication is a key component to ensuring your message is understood by your clients and increase their satisfaction.

A Third Perspective provides a number of communication writing services including:

  • Writing simple, direct, and easy to understand content for templates, business forms, policies, or procedures;
  • Developing content for online or printed materials.

Whatever the type of content being developed, A Third Perspective follows an approach similar to that of good web site design, specifically:

  • Assume that your client knows nothing about your product or service;
  • Write content from the perspective of the client or user.

This helps to promote understanding, reduce ambiguity and confusion, and increase client satisfaction.