Seeing the trees but not the forest?

As companies grow, their components (like their units, managers, or staff) often become more specialized as they aim to complete tasks more efficiently.  While beneficial in some respects, this specialization can also result in a narrow focus with organizational units and staff seeing projects, initiatives, or operations from only their own perspective. 

Seeing the forest but not the trees?

When companies undertake a project or initiative, they have a specific objective in mind they want to accomplish.  However, companies may fail to identify and understand all the individual components required to successfully deliver that objective, due to either a lack of resources (for example, with smaller companies) or the resources lacking the right perspective (as may be the case with larger companies). 

Seeing the forest AND the trees

A key to identifying, developing and delivering successful solutions is a solid foundation achieved by identifying, understanding, and addressing all elements of the solution, from a global, holistic level, to a specific, component level.  This facilitates developing and delivering an integrated, lasting and adaptable solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

A Third Perspective Consulting Services focuses on analyzing projects and objectives on multiple perspectives to develop customized, integratedadaptable and lasting solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, products, and services.

Services are provided in four main areas:

I - Research and Analysis
II - Business Improvement
III - Web Sites and Communications
IV - Troubleshooting and Technical Support

For more information on any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us.